Bioweaponizing a Pandemic

Portland Police (and federal gestapo) are bioweaponizing the pandemic, rioting, and radicalizing Portlanders.

First, police refuse to wear masks. Almost all the protesters do and they will ask anyone who shows up to protest without a mask to either put one on or leave. (If you see a group of “protesters” not wearing masks those would be the white supremacist groups who come down from Washington to support the cops.)

The cops often pull the protesters masks off to mace them, arrest them (taking them to a jail that employees also refuses to wear masks), etc.

The cops are also filling the streets with tear gas (a war crime if they were doing it in another country) which makes people cough and gasp for breath … during a pandemic.

Second, the only rioting that has taken place, the only people who make people scared to be living in Portland, are the out-of-control, violent, law-breaking bullies of the Portland Police Department (most of whom reside out of town and don’t have to live with the consequences of their illegal actions). They routinely violate state laws, city ordinances, their own policies, and court orders. This is all documented.

Don’t believe anything you read in the (controlled by out-of-town corporate interests) mainstream media about the Portland protests. They’re mostly reiterating lies perpetuated by the real criminals — the cops.

Third, the cops have done more to radicalize Portlanders who have either gone in person to see their criminal behavior or watched the videos produced by independent journalists risking injury, (illegal) arrest, permanent disability, and death to report what’s actually going on. People who used to talk about police reform or a “few bad apples” have come to understand that you can’t reform an institution that grew out of slave patrols, that there are no “good apples”, that we must abolish the police and start over.